Beauty Gives Me Pause

I created the east•west jewelry collection because beauty gives me pause. I wanted authentic spiritual jewelry that I found beautiful to wear. My pieces are handmade in Atlanta and the slight variation combined with the touch of my jeweler’s hand is organically beautiful to me.

I need the simplest items in my life to be beautiful. I take the stickers off my fruit and put my dish soap in a clear dispenser. I have to hang my jacket on the chair mindfully instead of letting it collapse in a heap.

Can you relate? I love the beautiful energy of orchids in my home and discarding junk mail immediately. I cannot keep a book jacket on a book if the graphics disturb me.

Beauty gives me pause and each day I want to live with more mindful pauses. I have a goal to look at the sky more, to pet the soft coat of my dog for longer and to make eye contact with my family when we are communicating. These are beautiful mindful moments.

Please appreciate the beauty in your day and in your east•west jewelry. My intention is to give you beauty, give you pause, give you mindfulness.