Ritual Creates Self-Love

The east•west jewelry collection helps me connect to ritual, beginning with my early morning “rise and shine” alarm setting. I began this 4:30 am ritual years ago and immediately felt more established in self-love and thus better prepared for the day ahead. Therapists will tell you that a core issue most of us embody is the fear that we are not actually lovable. When we do not feel lovable then we do not believe we are worthy of receiving love. We block out intimacy in this state and are unable to offer open-hearted mindful love to others.

My early morning routine grounds me with self-love rituals. I earnestly fill my self-love reservoir with coffee, journaling and meditation, all in the quiet of my home. I follow up with twenty minutes of yoga in my Young Hearts Yoga home studio. The movement helps my diabetic body “rise and shine” with focused nurturing sent to my pancreas in poses such as twists. Some mornings I practice to dirty rap and other days nature sounds. This wake ritual helps me feel self-lovable in mind, body and spirit.

The east•west Infinity necklace reminds me of the sanskrit phrase, “Hum Sa So Hum So Hum Hum Sa,” which means “I am you and you are me and we are one.” I wear the Full-Circle collar layered over the Infinity to remind me, especially when I am anxious, that life unfolds in divine order.

Awakening before the sun rises is powerful in every spiritual tradition, including Christianity, Buddhism and even Shamanism. I promise you that you will fill up your self-love reservoir and feel lovable with early morning rituals. You will be able to give and receive love open-heartedly to your family and friends.