Jewelry Love, Sacred Rituals and Healing Space

I was raised Catholic.  I have fond memories of formal services where my senses were engaged in the beauty of our cathedral, the smell of the incense, the songs of the choir and the mindful walk of the Archbishop and his altar boys up the nave to the altar. Mass opened with a symbolic ritual: the lighting of candles, the blessing from prayer and the sign of the cross shared with parishioners. This procession was always the same, ancient and sacred.

These rituals grounded me with reverence for the sacred role that ritual plays in our daily lives.

I designed the chakra cross to bridge my love of Catholic ritual and Indian spirituality. Each chakra stone residing inside the cross reminds me of my expanded spiritual life today.

I begin my mornings with sacred ritual. The east+west chakra cross joins my mala beads and I grounds me into my meditation. Some mornings I recite the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi, other days I chant yoga sutras. I light incense to symbolize my connection to the divine.

Enjoy wearing your chakra cross. I pray that it reminds you to create sacred rituals in your life.




Kem LeeChakra Cross