Old-Soul Ammonite

Old-Soul Ammonite

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Ammonites are fossils that remind us of our old souls. They ground us with their ancient connection to the Egyptian God Amun, who represents the power of creation. Ammonites connect us to the wisdom of our our spirit guides and inform us to transition, transform and grow within our solar plexus chakra. Remind yourself as you wear your Old-Soul Ammonite that you are open to the process of change and possibility.

Product description:

The diamonds are all quality precision cut rounds Si1 G+. The six small are .015 ct (1.5 mm) and the three large are .05 ct (2.25 mm). The ammonite is three dimensional and casted in 14 ct and the rim and bail are also 14k gold. All pieces are on a sterling silver disc.

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