Kem Mcintosh Lee

Kem McIntosh Lee
The Designer

Kem McIntosh Lee, founder of Young Hearts Yoga, created the east+west jewelry collection to enhance her mind, body and spirit while teaching yoga, meditation and ritual. Each piece is designed with an authentic spiritual symbol drawing from our world cultures. 

Upon receiving her initial yoga teacher’s certification from the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga at the Chopra Center, Kem recognized that the yoga community would appreciate high end yoga inspired jewelry. Soon after, the east+west jewelry collection was born and debuted with Chakra crosses, bars and bracelets. 

Once the initial collection was launched, Kem quickly produced Shen bracelets, Infinity pendants and Full-Circle collars.  The east+west jewelry collection is for the woman who wants to remember the meaning of why we practice yoga and meditation and adds a bit of glamor and style to her wardrobe. 

Kem Lee lives in Atlanta and teaches yoga and meditation to clients in her Young Hearts Yoga studio and at SAMA. She practices daily meditation beginning at sunrise, followed by yoga. She is seen around town teaching, inspiring and connecting, all the while indulging her love of jewelry and meaning with her yoga attire. 

Kem McIntosh Lee and family

Kem McIntosh Lee and family